AWS Compute : Hand-Drawn Tape
AWS Compute : Hand-Drawn
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The second in our series of hand-drawn versions of the AWS Simple Icon set by Amazon.

Use these shapes when you're trying to explain your most recent AWS architecture in the simplest terms to somebody who's 80/ in 80% thinking about lunch and 20% politely smiling.

# shapes:
SimpleDiagrams Library License
aws router lambda ECS Lightsail compute elasticNetworkAdapter DBoninstance ElasticBeanstalk VPNgateway endpoints VPNconnection LambdaFunction X1instance ECR ComputeContainer flowlogs optimizedInstance VPCpeering ECRRegistry VPCNATgateway elasticIPaddress customerGateway ApplicationLoadBalancer spotInstance ELLoadBlaancer internetGateway elasticNetworkInterface ec2 AutoScaling AWSBatch instanceWithCloudWatch ami
Date Added:
Sun 16 Jan 2022