V4. What You've Been Waiting For.

Lots of new features. Still stupid simple to use.

Single User License

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Volume pricing available:

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New Features in V4

We've been working hard on this release. Lots of good stuff to share with you:

  • Presentation Mode
  • Quick search
  • Quick styles
  • Style eyedropper
  • Better SVG support
  • Rulers
  • Custom palettes
  • Direct printing
  • Sizing document in meters or feet
  • More details in the docs...

How To Buy

Buying SimpleDiagrams is easy. Just click on the "Buy Now" button above for the type of license you want. That will pop up a payment form provided by FastSpring, the efficient and secure payment processor.

After you finish purchasing your license, you'll receive an email with your license key and a link to download the application (you only need to download the app if you haven't installed the trial already). You're now ready to register SimpleDiagrams with your email and license key!

Three Installations

Let's be honest. One installation just doesn't do it for you. You need to install an application on multiple computers: your laptop, your home computer, and your work computer. So, when you purchase a SimpleDiagrams license for yourself, you can register the application up to three times (and unregister it when you want to get a registration back). That's as long as it's for your use only. Installing a version for your cousin Daryl doesn't count. Then again, I have no idea how we'd find out about Daryl.

When you purchase one license or a volume license, you purchase each license for an individual user. Each user can install SimpleDiagrams on three machines. Please read the SimpleDiagrams End User License Agreement for details.


Those of you who bought SimpleDiagrams v1, v2 or v3 can upgrade to v4 for only $25 USD. Click the button below to start the process. Make sure you have your v2 or v3 license number handy. You can't purchase an upgrade without it.

Plus, if you email me with three suggestions for making the app more useful for your work, I'll send you back a $5 coupon. Think about how happy you'll be.

Buy $25 USD Upgrade to V4 Now
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