I Hope You Liked SimpleD.
I'm done.

Yeah, it's kind of time. I have to admit it. It's time to wrap things up.

SimpleDiagrams is no more.

A lot of people have used SimpleD over the years. Dare I say some even found it nice. A few of you even bothered to write to say how much you liked it.

Nobody says it's nice anymore.

Monthly sales have trickled down to a few plops from an old sink.

And so...many...new shiny diagram tools with fancy features, and collaboration tools, and activation spacetime wormhole generators, and all kinds of other stuff I couldn't write the code comments to.

It's OK! It's ok. I'm not bitter. No no. Getting old, yes. Back hurts, yes. But not bitter. Really I'm kind of tired of it anyways. What's with all those hand-drawn icons I made? So unprofessional.

So, there you have it. No more. Kaput. Go home.

( I'm being stupid here like my illustrations. Serious message arriving further below in 5...4...)

For those of you who bought it, you can still download it from the download page.

For those of you who didn't, my god you missed something special.

Serious message:

All is well. But all things change. If they didn't our conversations would be so boring. It is time to stop working on SimpleD. I'm very happy to have met so many of you who used the app and contacted me to let know. Great meeting each one of you. I hope my small app helped you make complex things clear, with a gloss of lightness and humor.

Maybe I'll open source the code someday. Maybe I'll feed it into AI and form some kind of twisted overlord that rules all of humanity with remarkably efficient logistics based on well-designed diagrams. Most likely I'll have eggs and toast for breakfast tomorrow and forget about the whole thing by noon.

- Daniel
Sept 5, 2022